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i noticed your icon is from weekend. do you have a favorite part?

Any part where they don’t do cocaine (the kiss in the train station)

You mean like rhyse?

Every time someone brings up the shit rhyse said in the past, he writes another long apology and candidly admits that he used to think and say some truly terrible things. He says that although he understands why someone wouldn’t be able to forgive him so easily, he’s worked hard to see his privilege where it lies and prevent it from clouding his actions in the future.

If you honestly don’t believe that he has changed then you’re drawing your attention away from the gastroclons and kanyewesticles who were similarly exposed and REFUSED to stand down from what they said.

I can guarantee that I know rhyse better than you do, and the fact of the matter is that he feels awful for what he did and isn’t seeking active absolution from his guilt and is rather working towards forgiveness in what he knows can be a process. This is -EXACTLY- what everyone on this site says needs to happen to racists/etc. when they reform and when you finally see it, you don’t accept it? This seems counterproductive to the cause if you ask me.

So if you’re gonna come at me again with made up shit, at least do it off anon, because you’re not gonna convince me that you know him better than I do, and you aren’t gonna drag me out into the open as a co-conspirator because I have been honest and open about what I expect from anyone - especially my fellow white men - since before I, or anyone for that matter, joined this site.



Also Kai I posted a selfie since you seem to be unable to notice them #rude

Thirsty ass.

"Tag me in your selfies" - you

It’s incredible seeing people get caught for racist things they said years ago and saying “OMG I’m so sorry that was so long ago!” and then the minute someone doesn’t immediately accept their apology it turns into a racist rant and you realize they didn’t change

I’ve never seen Mean Girls so I think it’s kinda weird to come out via a character you played 10 years ago, but good for him nonetheless

I had a friend who actually believed that dying in a dream would kill you… like, I consider him one of the smartest people I know and he thought dying in a dream would stop your heart

It was only a dream of course I’m okay



no one EVER talk to rhyse because he will ruin EVERY show for you 

I don’t think that telling you Orphan Black was about clones counts as ruining the show.

Cut the high-and-mighty, sassmaster

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bill clinton (via coolator)

Hi I had a weird and creepy dream that could have easily turned into a nightmare


Weenie hut jr.


Weenie hut jr.


everyone click this link and tell him to watch fringe after orphan black